Cellulite Reduction

We offer the latest most effective treatments available to improve, reduce and eliminate cellulite and localized fat deposits. All the treatments can be done separately or in combination with other procedures. None of the treatments require the downtime necessary in a surgical procedure and cause little or no discomfort at all.

  • Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment first developed in Europe and used in the United States for over 50 years which employs the practice of injecting substances such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes into the subcutaneous fat, or the tissue just under the skin, to target and destroy adipose fat cells. This therapy can also be used to treat scars and hyperpigmentation. It can be used for facial sculpting and skin rejuvenation in therapies such as Mesoglow, Mesofit and Mesolightening.
  • Ultrasound Cavitation is a nonsurgical procedure which targets adipose fat tissue under the skin. The treatments safely break down and melt fat by using frequency waves at a microscopic level. These waves cause microbubbles to form around the fat cells helping to eliminate them.
  • Radiofrequency is the use of electromagnetic waves that send heat deep into the layers of the skin housing excess fat. This treatment improves skin elasticity and circulation which invigorate the body.
  • DermaWave No Needle Mesotherapy uses a combination of new techniques which include non-thermal laser energy with electrical waveforms to deliver the mesotherapy cocktail into the deposits of undesired fat. The treatment increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage while smoothing the skin to remove cellulite dimples. The therapy is not painful and typically relaxing, resembling a massage.




Irania Ferrer

Surgical Coordinator


Geovana Vera

Medical Assistant/Post-Surgical Coordinator


Mario E. Reyes-Serrano M.D

General and Cosmetic Surgeon